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For one and only leather work...



Designer Leathers GO is hand sawn leather atelier mainly works for original leather items and order made items.  Since 1991, started working for order made leather items, creation concept pursuing the best work, not only durability for long use but also beauty of appearance, shape, details and more with try and error, has never changed until today.


I have started this work because I like this, and this is my lifework, so I will never make what I cannot consent.  The number of points I want to make attention for my work is increasing with my experiences, and now I cannot finish many works within a year to pursue all points I cannot give up.  I am willing not to regret with any of my works because I think I can make only small number of pieces which I can remember within my life.


From taking and discussing about order of clients, buying leather and all other materials, making pattern, cutting, sawing, and to finishing, every step is done by myself.  I can promise very fine works for all details.  But this makes the time very long to finish and hand ordered item since my clients make one's order.  For one and only leather item, every works is not regretting any points, so please understand about thig long time waiting.

(A new client need to wait for about 5 years today.)


<About an order>

If a client accepts the waiting time, order details will be discussed.  But 5 years make clients' mind change.  So, the very first talk will be only for image of item, design, and leather and materials to make.  The full discussion for details will be taken a half year before its work starts.


The full discussion is required to be held in my atelier in Japan.  By talking in face to face, client and I can make communication well, and client can choose leather and other materials from my collections and references.  Sometimes details, leather kind and color, or even design could be changed since the very first talk, but it is okay.  It is a chance to make one and only leather item in the world, I want my client and me to spend as much as effort to make the best.


There are rare leathers which are hard to find today.  Some of them are very original tanned for me.  If my client wants to keep these rare leathers for one's self order, one can pay for the leather in ahead.  (* Because this atelier is for handing order made leather items with worth of craftmanship, payment back for the leather paid in ahead cannot be accepted even the order has been canceled.)


<Commitment for materials>

Materials are chosen with my eye and hand.  Most of leathers are from top European tanners of the world with long history and credible tradition.  I am believing in clients can know the quality of leather with its sophisticated texture when one touches by one's hand and watch by one's hand.  (Leathers in my atelier are on following blog.  Please check it.)

Blog Designer Leathers GO : 鞄職人の日記


Metal parts such as locks are mostly made by brass from Italy, Germany, Swiss land, Great Britain, and others.  Fine linen thread from France are mostly used.


<Commitment for craftmanship>

Beautiful and durable are the best words to describe hand sewn advantage.  When I sew, I hold it in my arms, stare into it carefully, feel and know its characteristic; soft or hard, thick or thin, and I find the best way to sew.  Also, hand sewn make it possible which cannot be done by machine sewn, even without stress to leather.  I believe that there is a beautiful appearance and shape which could be done only by hand sewn.  Sometimes there are material or structure better to be done by machine too.  If so, I ask and make confirmation with my client to use machine for the part.


Next edges of leather are generally finished by cut and polish.  For edges, I chamfer the leather cut end with knife or plane, make it smooth with sandpaper, color by dye, and polish with Funori, seaweed glue.  Then melt bee wax into the edge with hot rod, mark line with heated creaser to tighten fiber of leather with pressure and bee wax deeply melted into it.  Smooth it with sand paper again, melt bee wax again.  This process makes beautiful and durable edge.


<After care>

I believe that the best leather work will be done with communication and understanding of me and my clients; it cannot be done by one-way production.

The relationship with my client will not end when I hand finished item.

I do regular maintenance or repair of parts with my responsibility.  As the leather item will last a lifetime, I am happy to have nice relationship with my all clients.


If there are any questions, please feel free to ask.


Designer Leathers GO

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