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■ About website use

This website might include link for other websites.  There is no responsibility for the linked other websites contents, change, or updating because they are not under my control.  There is no responsibility for webcast and any other correspondence from other websites.  Understand linked websites are under protection by low of copyrights and trademark act.  Notice when you want to make a link to this website in ahead by mail.  *There is no responsibility for websites have links to this website.


■ Collecting individual information

Individual information which this website collect includes email address, name, address of your job or home, and phone number of your job or home.  This website might collect statistics information such as postal code, age, and gender which may not identify individual.  This website might collect users' hard and soft wear information.  Information to be collected includes IP address of users, kind of browsers, name of domain, date and time of access, and internet address where accessed from.  This information will be used for providing and keeping service of this website and general statistic use.  Understand the information might be collected and used by others when your individual or individual like information are exposed with mail forms of this website by yourself.

Notice: This website does not scan online private information.

Knowing announcement for privacy policy of linked website on themselves is preferred.  This and relative website does not take any responsibility for privacy policy and other contents on other websites.



■ Use of individual information

Individual information collected on this website is used for operation of this website or providing services for users request.  This website informs merchandises or services of this and relative website by using individual information collected on this website.  This website might ask for survey for today or future services.  This website does not sell, rent, or lease user list for the third party.  This website might provide information which might be beneficial for outside business partner.  Individual information (email address, name, address, and phone number) will not be handed to the third party even in a such case.  This website might share data with reliable supporting partners such as for analyzing, sending email or mail for users, providing customers support and other services.  All of these supporting third parties are forbidden to use users' individual information other than providing services for this website, and required to keep confidentiality or users individual information.  This website does not use or expose individual information need attention such as races, religions, and political parties.


■ Correspondence

Any violation for individual right, such as right of privacy and publicity, such as slander, abuse, harassment, stalking, and intimidation are strictly refused.  Sending files includes virous, polluted files, or any other similar software or program might damage computer are refused.  Use and understanding for this website use conform to Japanese laws when it is not mentioned any exceptions.


■ Trademark act.

Company and products' names on this website are proper trademark of each.


■ Change of privacy policy

GOBAG.JP might change or update this privacy policy to reflect feedback for company or customers.  Constant check for privacy policy of GOBAG.JP is recommended.



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